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Listen to your favorite music and still hear all of the ambient sounds around you!


 O-tus near ear speakers provide 108 dB of surround sound. O-tus speakers are interchangeable, they can be used various in helmets; bike, ski, skate as well as garden hats, beanies, hard hats and the list goes on. Unlike traditional earbuds, O-tus does not go directly inside your ears. O-tus uses directional sound technology allowing you to hear your tunes and everything going on around you. 

We will rock you!


Studies show when listening to YOUR music, your performance is enhanced significantly. O-tus plays the tunes that get you moving faster and safer! 

Joe Axtell, Inventor of O-tus


Joe's passion for gravity sports, the outdoors and music gave him the idea to invent a safe way to listen to music while doing the things he loves. 


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O-Tus Helmet Speakers

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